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Three Traders (2000)

by Rolf(Favorite Author)
4.48 of 5 Votes: 2
Rolf and Ranger
Falls Chance Ranch
review 1: And the story continues. I'm surprised that there is only a synopsis for Book 1 in this series of four. I'm also amazed that the books are all free, the writing is fantastic, there is no descriptive sex and they are all 400 pages plus. I would gladly have paid good money to read these novels.This second novel is reminiscent of the "Raiders of the lost arc" movies. There's lots of adventure and plot within.Dale's character builds quietly, his strengths often recognised but not realised by the other characters and I only wish they'd leave him to mull and just get on with his obvious (to us the reader) awareness and spiritualism.Cowboys...(tick)....Adventure...(tick)....Paranormal...(maybe)....Gay...(tick).A continuation of Book 1 and the characters develop.4 x stars as it wa... mores a continuation of the previous novel with different set of adventure stories. But so five stars for the writing, character development and horsiness.
review 2: I loved it. Will definately come back and re-read the series. Setting/location is beautiful and mysterious. Characters are lovable, deep, sensitive, diverse, thought provoking and real. Relationship dynamics are very well laid out/developed. I admit it, I'm a sucker for the psychology behind, underlying and driving this series. But the romance is there too - in the characters and the landscape. Worth a look, and it's a free-read! less
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Book 2 of the series is as Fantastic as Book 1.
An excellent continuation of the series.
Its still the same as the first book.
A continuation of Falls Chance Ranch
4.5 stars
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