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Floundering (2012)

by Romy Ash(Favorite Author)
3.62 of 5 Votes: 2
1921922087 (ISBN13: 9781921922084)
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review 1: Tom and Jordy are 2 typical brothers, teasing and fighting with each other throughout he novel. There is a tenderness there behind all the bravado, captured beautifully by Romy Ash in Floundering. The boys are living with Grandma when mum comes to the door and wants her boys back. She takes them on a spin across he hot desert. They suffer hunger, heat and a lack of care as mum tries but is unable to care for her children appropriately. The boys overcome adversity, press on, trust strangers and gradually come full circle. The emotions throughout the story were captured with the significance of the title and the reference to catching fish. A great story, sad but true!
review 2: Incredibly harrowing. Awesome opening scene that challenges assumptions about safety a
... morend 'stranger danger'. About neglectful parents and the ways their children cope. Again, be warned it's not an easy read despite the easy style and language- narrated by the youngest son. Three stars because it didn't give me enough of a break from the dusty mouths (why so much mouth dust description?), constant dehydration and the aforementioned neglect. less
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Couldn't put it down - but had to read something light and frivolous after
Loved it. Heartbreakingly sad.
Very well written
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