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And Then She Was Gone (2013)

by Rosalind Noonan(Favorite Author)
3.76 of 5 Votes: 1
0758274998 (ISBN13: 9780758274991)
review 1: For me this was just okay. The story had a bit of a slow start, but once I got a few chapters in it struck my interest. The story is reminiscent of the Jaycee Duggard story, which I found fascinating, but there were parts of this story that doesn't add up; or rather, add up too nicely. While I enjoy a happy ending as much as the next person, something about the way the last chapter wrapped things up in a nice little bow sort of ruined things for me. Overall though, it was not a bad read.
review 2: I would have liked to rate this book 4.5 stars, but there's no option to. The reason I can't give it a full 5 stars is because I feel the beginning and the ending were a little rushed. Other than that I really enjoyed this book and very glad I chose to read it. The au
... morethor did a good job of touching on the reunification process a family goes through after a heartbreaking event such as this. And yes, I would read this author again. less
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A sad book with a triumphant ending
excellent,kept me interested
great story loved it.....
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