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All She Ever Wanted (2012)

by Rosalind Noonan(Favorite Author)
3.68 of 5 Votes: 3
075827498X (ISBN13: 9780758274984)
review 1: Very good read, especially about problems associated with postpartum depression. I enjoyed the book because of the very needed conversations it can spark about this topic. Noonan's main characters were just a wee bit shallow, lacking some refinement and believability. Leo never seems to get angry at Chelsea. He's always understanding even when their daughter is kidnapped away from their home while Chelsea is sleeping. This too, even before he learns that Chelsea was sedated by something someone put in the muffins she ate. Leo's ability to be patient, kind, and understanding against all odds does not pass the believability test. Most of the scenarios that are set up for possible suspects for the kidnapping are derived straight from the typical abductor description.... more They would have been more believable if they'd been shaken up a bit, and not straight from the playbook. Chelsea's symptoms of PPD seem pretty valid and Noonan did a good job of portraying her depression. I hope there are not many doctors around today who would poo poo a woman's description of her very real symptoms of depression as the doctor in this book did, however Noonan portrayed a valid picture of how a physician might do just such a thing, and of how a woman would feel once her symptoms were not validated. Noonan brings a lot of valuable ideas to the table on postpartum depression and it's obvious she's done her homework.
review 2: Heart-wrenching tale about a mother, Chelsea, who suffers from Postpartum Depression and her infant daughter Annie that suddenly goes missing. Chelsea not knowing if she is the cause of the disappearance or if there is another suspect. She can't remember anything of that evening. Once I started this book I knew it was going to be roller coaster ride with twists and turns and my emotions all over the place. I never really knew anything about Postpartum Depression or how very dark your thoughts can go. An eye opener for me on that regards. Very Good Book! Highly Recommend! less
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an excellent story i related to chelsea as i suffered post natal depression story well told.
Boring. Wasted my time reading half way through and then skipped to the end. Arg!
hard to get drawn into. stopped halfway through the book.
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