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Why The Star Stands Still (2012)

by Rose Christo(Favorite Author)
4.24 of 5 Votes: 3
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review 1: Beautiful final installment to an incredibly beautiful series. Without a doubt the best Young Adult Romance series I've read regardless of the lead characters' gender. A story with an ingrained sense of place and unforgettable characters with depth and realistic flaws. Rafael will probably always be my favorite YA series romantic interest who manages to be fiercely protective without being possessive and controlling like so many other unfortunate ya "heroes". Can't wait to read more from this incredibly talented and gifted author.
review 2: A wonderful conclusion to a beautiful series of books. For anyone who thought the third book in the series was on the dark side, read this one. It jumps forward quite a few years in time and ties up many of the loose ends
... more(and clears up the rather mysterious ending) from the third book. Not everything is rosy, but I finished the book with really good feelings (except for being sad the series is over).Rose Christo's writing style maintained its, in my opinion, high level of excellence while the voice of the narrator has appropriately matured. The characters continue to be a joy to learn more about and an interesting new character is introduced.There are a couple inconsistencies and an event (that occurs during the time between the third and fourth books) that seems improbable (although I am not a doctor or scientist so may be wrong), but that did not really detract from the story for me.I am so glad I read this series and will be thinking about it for a while to come. Hard to believe this last book was free! I guess that goes along with the philosophy of the Shoshone people in the book. :-) less
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Warm, immersive writing told at a storytellers amble. A book about life and family.
Wonderful Book hope to hear more from these guys
Great ending to this beautiful series.
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