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The Kashmir Shawl (2011)

by Rosie Thomas(Favorite Author)
3.9 of 5 Votes: 1
0007285965 (ISBN13: 9780007285969)
HarperCollins Publishers
review 1: I enjoy books that entertain me while teaching me something I didn't know. This book did that with its engaging plot, beautiful descriptions, strong sense of place, and satisfying ending. While cleaning and sorting though the belongings in her recently-deceased grandmother's home, the main character discovers a handmade shawl, in which is wrapped a small lock of hair. She decides to investigate the history of this shawl, tracing her grandmother's life as a missionary's wife in colonial India. If you like historical fiction, realistic love stories, and armchair travel to a foreign land, I highly recommend this book.
review 2: This book had a really slow start. It took me a long time to get sucked in to the story and the characters. The part of the story set
... more in the 1940's was much more compelling than the part set in modern times. Most of the action was predicable and the last chapter was not well done - it almost seemed unedtited. The most interesting part of the whole book was as an illustration of what gets lost to history and I found that intriguing to think about. Basically, we as readers know pretty much of the entire complex story of what happens in the 1940's but then we watch as the modern character is only able to piece together so much because of secrets, lost records, and simply the passage of time. The setting of the book in Kashmir was also interesting for the most part. less
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very evocative of India fabulous book I want to read more about KASHMIR now
slow start, but overall interesting story with weaving narratives.
Great book, thoroughly enjoyed it!
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