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DRRR!! Durarara!! 3 (2011)

by Ryohgo Narita(Favorite Author)
4.37 of 5 Votes: 3
6020007650 (ISBN13: 9786020007656)
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Durarara!!: Manga
review 1: I'm really enjoying this series. The characters are interesting, as are their stories and the reasons that move them forward. Without revealing too much, I have to say the end of this volume shocked me. I definitely did not see that coming and will be reading the last volume soon to see what happens next.Possibly the only problem I have is that all the other characters seem more… interesting than Mikado, who is supposed to be our main character. The twist helps a little with this but I'll have to see what the last volume brings. A lot of the other characters like Celty – the headless biker, and Izaya – a villainous character are so fascinating they are overshadowing Mikado's own story.I love the illustrations and will be seeking out to see if there are more manga by ... morethose who worked on this manga series.Final Verdict: I'm reserving judgment on this series until I read the next volume. So far, I feel really engaged if not a little confused by the ending of this volume.
review 2: While the twists and turns in terms of development of characters and story were still gripping in this third volume, I had one major issue: the ending.Mikado is suddenly leader of the Dollars? I'm sorry, but there was absolutely NO buildup to this sudden shift in character development. While I'm not asking for blatantly obvious hints to Mikado's involvement in the gang, I don't want this new fact being thrown in my face all of the sudden either. I understand that in a manga that focuses on multiple characters' points of view rather than one that it could be a bit difficult to try to focus solely on one character for so long, but please, if you're going to change a character so drastically, try to give a BIT of a warning to your readers. To be honest, I'm saddened by how little of the scenes actually focus on Mikado. While I love Shizuo and Celty and Izaya, Mikado IS the main character of this manga, and while there are some good scenes with him, I feel like the focus is sometimes thrown to a different character.Whether or not this is intentional, I'm going to say that this book, compared to the others, surprisingly disappointed me. less
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Not much I can say except, FANTASTIC!!!!!
unexpected turn... wawawawa...:p
it was great
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