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Reaching Out For You (2000)

by S. Moose(Favorite Author)
3.7 of 5 Votes: 3
Never Letting Go
review 1: S. Moose takes you on such an emotional journey with this book. For me the first few chapters were so real they were hard to read, but in a good way. The whole book keeps you thinking about what might happen next and how things are going to go. This book gives us an incredible journey and then a HEA. Adam and Sophia are childhood friends who haven't seen each other in a few years. Both miss the other but they can't see past their stubbornness until their friends (Erin and Connor) intervene. Sophia has been through the ringer in her life. Adam has eyes for no one else. This book takes place over the course of a few months and takes place at their college. I can't wait to read the next book Erin and Connor to get more of them. Holding On To You was a really nice companion no... morevella because you get to see what Adam was thinking the whole time.I can't say much more without including a spoiler alert, but I will say I thoroughly enjoyed these books and recommend them!
review 2: The story behind this book is good ,,, I kept reading and wanting more ,,, I am an angst fiend and there isn't a huge amount in this book ,,, but there is enough of a story to keep you held on to it ,,, This is Adam and Sophia's story ,,, They had a relationship a few years prior to where the book begins ,,, neither one of them have been able to move forward properly in their lives ,,, still wanting the other ,,, wanting them again ,,, they were meant for each other but sometimes life gets in the way and causes people to move in different directions They found each other again and the attraction was still there ,,, but Sophia is in another relationship ,,, a poisonous relationship but she can't seem to remove herself from his grip ,,,, will she finally get her guy? Her happiness? Or will she forever face fear? less
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I absolutely LOVED the story line!! Full Review to come!!
Sounds like my kind of read! Maybe I'll push this up!
Never Letting Go Box Set
Review to follow:)
**Review to come**
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