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Shaken And Stirred (2011)

by Sable Jordan(Favorite Author)
3.27 of 5 Votes: 4
0011393335 (ISBN13: 2940011393334)
Kizzie Baldwin Erotic Thriller
review 1: What a waste of potential. The author must have a low opinion of her audience to cheat them out of a true book and just piece mill her work to the public. This is not a "BOOK", it's not even a short story! My English prof would have marked a big fat "F" on this if I would have turned it as a completed work. The plot wasn't bad, but I doubt very many female spooks compare themselves to the fictional character of James Bond. That had me saying "yeah, right" from the get go. Yes its fiction, but I prefer at least the facade of authenticity. It was free so I'm not pissed I spent money on it, just pissed that the story stopped just when it should have really gotten started. My advise to authors who trick their readers like this is to take the time to actually write a com... moreplete book. Engage your readers to want to buy your works based on their connection to your characters not just because we tend to be anal and want to finish the story. SPOILER ALERT: Book 2 doesn't bring the story to a conclusion either and no sign of when Book 3 will hit the market. My advise is to waste your time on something else.
review 2: Fun little mini read!I so loved Kizzie, i think that i need to read the rest of this book. it is a fun fast paced book... i read this teaser in 25 minutes which is great for a quick read. i actually couldnt stop reading it that there is a great sign for the remainder of this story. I love Kizzy, she is strong and bibrant and determined and she loves her ass spanked and i bet she loves to be dominated! perfect Canadate for a Dom...lol... less
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Meh. I like my smut smutty, and this fell short.
Beginning of a series, did not resolve.
Flirty with a tad of erotic sleuthing!
Fun and free.
Waste of time
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