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Fosse (2013)

by Sam Wasson(Favorite Author)
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0547553293 (ISBN13: 9780547553290)
Eamon Dolan/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
review 1: This volume has everything you've ever wanted to know about famous choreographer (and actor) Bob Fosse. Still known for his distinctive style and thru the movie "All That Jazz," Fosse led a remarkable life. He was the epitome of a narcissistic, brilliant, charismatic, but ultimately troubled artist. I don't generally read biographies but I found this one fascinating (if a bit overfull of details). Amazing guy.
review 2: I really enjoyed this book - I had no idea how many of my favorite musicals he had a hand in. The book was very readable, with lots of facts and research. It fell short of a 5 because it may have been too much. At about 700 pages, it felt like a very dense book, with no stone- I mean NO stone - unturned in how each show was done from the init
... moreial conception, to getting the right writer/ composer/ director/ producer/ stars and venu - more than most ardent fans would want to know. less
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Fosse and all that Jazz! I loved this book! It was the Fosse I knew, the Fosse I love.
So much fun to read and learn about a man so influential to Broadway
Surprisingly god read for such a long book.
It was longer than it needed to be....
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