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Christmas Cottage (2012)

by Samantha Chase(Favorite Author)
3.45 of 5 Votes: 2
1480220329 (ISBN13: 9781480220324)
The Christmas Cottage
review 1: Okay, the premise of this story is a little far fetched - A cottage that promises everlasting love if you just sleep in it (with someone special) for one night. Yeah, I know, it sounds cheesy, right? Well, it's Christmas time and with all this holiday spirit floating around I gave it a whirl.So while Ms. Chase's "The Christmas Cottage" is a little predictable, the plot is so fine tuned that you can easily overlook that. From the moment Lacey and Ean seemed to be following the path of obvious predicament I was excited for these two to encounter each other. Together, Lacey and Ean have one of those misunderstood, yet sweet relationships that will have your grinning from ear to ear as you read. Amazing chemistry, along side of a wonderfully set-up location and mood by Ms. Cha... morese makes this a certain guilty pleasure read.By creating an enchanting situation between likable characters in very beautiful setting, I had to read this in nearly one sitting. If you want a really sweet story of childhood desires coming true, this is the perfect time of year to pick up this short book!
review 2: Well, this was a sweet story that made me smile and I'm happy I read it. Falling in love at Christmas time always makes for a happy romance. However, the book could use some more thorough editing. The story needs to be worked through a little more and the timeline. For me, that is why it's a three star book rather than a four. Overall I liked it and I'll probably read Ever After, book 2 in the series. Happy reading!! less
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3.5 stars this was a cute loving little holiday story :)
3.5 stars....easy, preditable and cute read.
Loved this story
very good.
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