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The Christmas Cottage (2012)

by Samantha Chase(Favorite Author)
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The Christmas Cottage
review 1: I love Christmas reads. We all need a bit of magic, peace and love in our world and it seems to me that Christmas related stories, be they short stories or full fledged novels, somehow fit the bill. Chase's, The Christmas Cottage, was an enchanting tale. Lacey Quinn at the ripe old age of fourteen had declared her love for Ean Callahan and experienced a humiliating rejection from the young man who was college bound and determined to make a success of his life. Oh my, how I could relate to Lacey's feelings of awkwardness as she was thrust into a reunion of sorts with this "man of her dreams". And yet, the timing was perhaps better this time around?These characters were hilarious, from Ava, the bride to be's, belief in this Christmas Cottage and the magical longevi... morety of the relationships formed upon the newlyweds honeymoon night spent in the cottage, to Lacey's practicality and Ean's realization that work wasn't the end all, be all he had held so dear. The characters were strong and real and Chase was able to make you feel what they were experiencing.The story itself flowed smoothly and fluently, drawing the reader in to a love story that was fast paced, rich in history and desire and dreams worth coming true. For this reader it was well worth the loss of sleep to read to my heart's content from start to finish and end with a heartfelt sigh.
review 2: This is a delightfully, cute Christmas romance with a twist ending. Lacey's been in love with her best friend's older brother as long as she can remember. The night before he's to leave for college, she confesses her love, only to have him unintensionally humiliate her. After all, he's known her his whole life and thinks of her as another little sister. Besides, she's only fourteen and Ean's eighteen, which makes a relationship between them illegal in most states. Avoiding Ean over the next decade isn't that hard since he decides to stay in Boston upon graduating from college so, when his sister, Ava, plans to get married over Christmas, Lacey figures continuing to avoid him will be easy. Little does she know, Ean's come back earlier than expected to comtemplate his life and possibly make some changes. Getting snowed in together in his family's 'Christmas Cottage' isn't in either of their plans but it turns out to be the best thing to happen to them both as they grow closer while helping Ava plan for her big day. If you love sweet romances in a Christmas setting, you'll adore this one! less
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I read this book last year and I loved it so much I read it again this year.
Loved it can't wait for next one to read very good read for me thx
I enjoyed this book!
Cute little read
Great Easy Read!
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