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Merry Humbug Christmas: Two Tales Of Holiday Romance (2013)

by Sandra D. Bricker(Favorite Author)
4.3 of 5 Votes: 2
1433680750 (ISBN13: 9781433680755)
B&H Books
review 1: Merry Humbug Christmas was a delightful holiday read. Two separate, but related, stories tell the Christmas holiday of two best friends who traditionally avoid anything Christmasy. First, Joss ends up on a 12 days of Christmas cruise, instead of the Bah Humbug cruise she had booked. She meets and falls for a charming Irishman and his lovely mother. Joss begins to let some Christmas love into her life. The second story tells the tale of Reese's holiday where she meets her future in-laws. Reese is looking forward to a Norman Rockwell holiday, but she seems doomed to a hilarious series of mishaps. Along the way, she begins to appreciate her own parents and is welcomed into her new family. This was just right for the season.
review 2: Lighthearted holiday
... morefluff. Some charming points. Really short was good...wouldn't have stayed with it if it had been much longer. My favorite part was the Irish blessing: "The light of the Christmas star to you. The warmth of home and hearth to you; the cheer and good will of friends to you; the hope of a childlike heart to you; the joy of a thousand angels to you; the love of Jesus the Son, and God's peace unto every one of you." Likeable characters. A humorous Christmas contemporary fairy tale. less
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Adorable fluff! I enjoyed every mindless minute. Perfect for light Christmas reading.
Both stories started outa little slow but I enjoyed the endings.
Enjoyed the two stories. Good holiday read.
tika marie
Cute, easy read. Not disappointing.
Fun Christmas novellas.
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