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Tuareg (2011)

by Sarah Black(Favorite Author)
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Loose Id
review 1: Tuareg by Sarah Black is a beautifully described story set in the amazing location of Zanzibar in East Africa. The title refers to the Tuareg people, who are matrilineal nomadic herders renowned for their silverwork. This is the only gay romance I know of that features Tuareg characters, and one of the very few in our genre set in Africa. You will be swept away by the breathtaking setting, which is described with the vivid sensory details for which this author is known.This might have been a top pick, except that the characters can’t quite match the setting. Viewpoint character Leon is a slightly unsettling mix of fragility and amorality (his dark deed, committed during his brief career as a cop, was something I couldn’t forgive). Tuareg chieftain Ibrahim, who is fourt... moreeen years older than Leon, doesn’t get a viewpoint, and therefore comes across as no more than a forceful “sheik” type, as in from a Harlequin romance. Even so, the characters are interesting enough to pull the reader into the story, which is already well worth reading for the setting and the perfect writing.The story opens with Leon, who is haunted by memories of his best friend Charlie, now dead, who served as his mentor as he came of age as a gay man. Leon is a world-class photographer who has never felt at ease anywhere, and he jumps at the chance to go to Zanzibar. He is supposed to continue the assignment of a murdered colleague to take photos of an endangered leopard species. His employers hope that by placing Leon into the household of Tuareg leader Ibrahim, they can find out how Leon’s predecessor was murdered.When Leon arrives, he finds a loving household filled with quirky characters who accept him as he is. Ibrahim, who is probably one of the least religious Muslims ever to appear in gay romance (e.g., I never saw him praying once, let alone five times a day), immediately begins courting Leon. But the dark secrets that they turn up about the murdered journalist may have devastating consequences for the future of conservation in Africa.Val for AReCafe
review 2: I loved this story!!! It had a slow build up that was just perfect. It gave me a wonderful insight into Leon's character so I felt that I really knew him before he even go to the island.When we did get to the island I loved how the mystery unfolded. There was things that I totally didnt see coming and I love being surprised. I have two minor complaints. One - the age gap, I wish it wasnt such a big age gap. And two - I still have alot of unanswered questions so I hope that there is a sequel.All in all I simply adored the book because I think its great writing. less
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Makes me want to take a trip to Zanzibar.
Different & interesting 3.5*
Brilliant !
3.5 stars
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