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Die Nacht, Als Gwen Stacy Starb (2014)

by Sarah Bruni(Favorite Author)
3.15 of 5 Votes: 2
3839001625 (ISBN13: 9783839001622)
review 1: I was surprised at how much I loved this story! I'm at a point in my life where I'm learning so much more about myself so, this book is very timely. I'm not sure if this was the authors' intention, but I'm believing the main character deals with mental illness (as do I). Losing one's identity is unfortunate. Not dealing and losing one's self can lead to unfortunate and dangerous decisions. The tragedy of this story is that the romance clouded reality.
review 2: Debated giving this two stars or three...wish there was an option for 2.5. While the premise is engaging -- blurring the lines of what is fiction, can people really reinvent themselves, etc...it just tried to do too much. Is it a love story? How does one cope with the weight of psychic dreams? The los
... mores of heroes? Conversations with coyotes? At a certain point the reader can only work with so much. And then there was the ending...huh? I stuck with it to the end for that? Bruni is a gifted writer with a gift for capturing a great sense of place...look forward to seeing what her future work brings, but this one would benefit from a tighter focus/unifier. less
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2.5 stars. Started out so strongly, really fell apart at the end.
Both a good, pulpy story and a meditation on good, pulpy stories.
Also strange, but pretty good as well.
Coralville briefly appears!
Not my favorite.
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