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Die Sprache Des Wassers (2013)

by Sarah Crossan(Favorite Author)
3.84 of 5 Votes: 2
3939435848 (ISBN13: 9783939435846)
review 1: The weight of water was quite an easy read, but that didn't stop me from reading the book. I loved the way the words on each page were written as though it was a poem. The book was also very interesting and I enjoyed reading the book. One of the many reasons I enjoyed the book was because it had been written in a similar way to the books 'Love that dog' and 'Hate that cat' by Sharon Creech. It felt good reading the weight of water after reading a book that was a 'stretch' for me.
review 2: Wow. That pretty much sums up what I thought about this book. Despite the fact that I'm not that great at interpreting poetry this was simple and easy to understand. I knew the plot and loved the characters. Though I don't how many people actually experience what Kasienka d
... moreid the characters are raw and I love that.Mama - Hopeful and that's the only thing that's driving her to keep looking for Tata. Even when she did discover the news she learns to cope with it in a very realistic way. Kasienka - The feeling of being in a new school and a new country. A country that doesn't speak her fluent language must be hard for everyone. She then has to be moved a grade down for it. Her feelings are true and relatable no matter how different the circumstance. She's confident but going through what every teenager goes through.What I know for certain is that in a few years time I will pick this book up again and read every stanza and try to get the meanings and look at the structure of it all. I did so this time but not with a pen and paper. I think after a few more poetry books I will understand this book better. less
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Written in verse, so a quick read. Poignant view of life through the eyes of a young teen.
Loved it. Kind of surprised I did because it's written in verse.
Great free verse novel
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