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The Season (2009)

by Sarah MacLean(Favorite Author)
3.85 of 5 Votes: 3
0545048869 (ISBN13: 9780545048866)
Orchard Books
review 1: I loved the way that Sarah MacLean writes! This was a very interesting and intriguing novel. I enjoyed how it felt very old-fashioned and classy. It was written very cleverly with a smart and sweet romance, witty dialogue, and with a fun mystery weaved throughout. I thoroughly enjoyed the characters, all of them. I loved that the main character and her friends were so close and that they challenged the times that they lived in by being bold, intelligent young women in a society that called for women, young or old, to be "delicate flowers". If any of this sound interesting to you, you should check out the book. :)
review 2: This book was a charming, romantic, fun, and giggle-inducing welcome into the world of Regency England. Though the main character was rather
... more typical (a girl who despised balls and longed for something more than marriage to a wealthy, boring man), she was a fresh and fun as any character could be, and her friends were equally as delightful. The romance was sweet and had just enough obstacles to make it seem realistic, and many of the romantic scenes has me blushing and smiling uncontrollably. There was a plot of war and spies, but the foremost story was the romance, and I highly recommend this to all romance and historical fiction fans. less
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This is on the very top of my list as favorites! I love the suspense and romance twisted into it.
Not a book I expected to like, but it was really good, nonetheless.
More like 2.5.
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