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As Simple As It Seems (2010)

by Sarah Weeks(Favorite Author)
3.74 of 5 Votes: 5
0060846631 (ISBN13: 9780060846633)
review 1: I chose this book to read after The Diviners because I knew it was going to be a light, simple, yet living book, and that's exactly what it was. This book was centered around Verbena, a girl who doesn't know really know who she is after finding out the truth of her past. While Verbena is pretending to be a different person she realizes as much fun as it is to joke and pretend it's a whole lot easier to be yourself and tell the truth. Verbena also comes to the realization to appreciate the simple things, because later on they will mean the most.This book was fun and light and had unique characters that aren't typically main characters in books.Although this book was good it could have been better. I feel that if it was longer we could've seen more into Verbenas life and her... more journey to discover herself. Otherwise this book was good
review 2: I read this book after attending an author visit by Sarah Weeks. Weeks writes novels for school aged children, but also writes for kids as young as preschool. Because of her range, and my familiarity with her younger level books, I wanted to read one of her children's novels. This book is about a young girl who recently learns that she was adopted at birth and was born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. As she comes to terms with this information, she struggles to navigate the turbulent waters that come with growing up. She blames her recent trouble with her mother on her biological parents and her friendship struggles on her f.a.s. diagnosis. Along the way, she meets a young neighbor boy, who befriends her immediately. Together, the two begin to fix up an abandoned boat they found nestled in the weeds of the lake behind her house. The time they spend together yields a strong friendship, that is tested when he learns she tricked him into believing she was the ghost of a drowned girl. Ultimately, Verbina learns valuable lessons about growing up, friendships, and relationships -- themes that will never really go out of style. I'm guessing this book would be appropriate for kids in grades 4-6 or maybe 7. :) less
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Loved the voice in this book. Verbena and Pooch were quirky characters but they worked.
excellent reader; story is on the unusual/quirky side but i liked it.
Very detailed book wich kept me reading!
I love this book .
Great book
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