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Diary Of A Grace (2013)

by Sarra Manning(Favorite Author)
3.23 of 5 Votes: 4
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review 1: This is an awful book. Sarra picks Grace, a secondary character in the series Diary of a Crush. She's younger, very shy and lives under the shadow of her older sister Poppy. It is such a short story that it didn't go well. I think that Manning wanted to give a present for the fans, or imagines her own story for a favorite character in an exercise way but we don't relate with Grace, we just see her drinking and not knowing how to interact with others, you know, the normal thing that happens to teenagers. Then she meets a boy and they kiss and... that's it! The boy appears at the end of the book and it is confusing because there is another one, for whom she is pinning through part of the book, and we don't click with any of them, we don't know if they like her or not. Maybe... more the story should be simpler but I think it should.really be longer, so we could understand her better, and relate with her. I don't think I even liked her. She gave that vibe that she was more mature than the others and then you discover she's not really, and she's plainly a dork.I think this book did no justice to Grace or to Sarra Manning.
review 2: Diary of a Crush is one of my favourite series’ ever, if not my very favourite, so as soon as Diary of a Grace was announced I pre-ordered it.I was desperate to be thrown back in to this world and catch up with the characters. It was so nice to read about Grace as she was in a bit of a state most of the times we caught up with her in DoaC. Turns out, not much had changed! This girl had some serious boy confusion going on!I was a bit surprised when a gorgeous, moody boy called Toph popped up. Toph was the American boy masterpiece in Sarra’s Nobody’s Girl and I initially thought it was him in his first incarnation! There’s a whole stream of me arguing with myself about this in my notes about this story, but then I eventually realised that I was an idiot and Bea’s Toph is American and the timelines wouldn’t fit! I quickly fell in love with this Toph and was internally demanding him and Grace kiss while I was reading! I was so happy when they did.With every mention and appearance of Edie and Dylan I got a wave of affectionate nostalgia and I was worryingly happy to see them still together and in love, even with Edie in London and Dylan still in Manchester. My love for this couple is unwavering and even though I was certain with the ending of DoaC that they’d be together forever, now I’m even surer and no one will be able to convince me otherwise!I’d recommend this to both die-hard fans of Sarra Manning, Diary of a Crush and those who are eagerly awaiting the re-issues. Go and read it! less
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what the hell was that !!!! if there was a negative rating i'd have give it to this notification
Wishing I could hear more about toph and grace.....
twas alright. short, a little confusing.
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