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Bewitched In Time (Salem Moon #1) New Adult Time Travel Romance (2013)

by Scarlet Black(Favorite Author)
4.11 of 5 Votes: 3
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Salem Moon
review 1: This is a fun, fast read I would recommend for anyone who likes more than just romance in their, well, romance. I read this book when the author was featured author in one of my Goodreads book groups. Her book sounded like a romance which isn’t normally my thing- as a genre but of course I like a little romantic storyline. Then, I started reading and saw that it was centered around the Salem witch trials of 1692. One of my favorite times in history not because it was nifty, but from a psychological level this is a strange phenomenon we thankfully don’t see often. Anyway, the book jumps time and up we come to Salem in the present and we get to follow a very original storyline and some very likeable characters. There were some editing issues but nothing that was to... moreo distracting. I really enjoyed this book- I read it in one sitting. Oh, and there will be a follow up that is definitely on my radar.
review 2: Let me start out by saying that I really liked this book. It was a great premise for a story and it really sucked me in from virtually the beginning. However I only gave it four stars for a couple of reasons. First and foremost (and I know some of you may think this is petty and stupid) but, all the exclamation points in the book distracted me. Maybe I'm just ADHD or something, but every other sentence there was an exclamation point and it distracted me from what I was reading, so i would go back and re-read the sentence to see what all the excitement was about, even though I just read it. I never realized how much of a difference a period and an exclamation point can make.Next, Gabriel & Lily fell in love just a little too quick for me. There was never really a connection between the two of them. It was just like oh hey, we're destined to be together. Now that I'm done griping about the book I want to say that I can't wait for the next one to come out, and I really did enjoy the book. For once I read a book that took me more than an hour to finish and I really liked that. Maybe in the next installment there will be less use of exclamation points. less
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Any man who reads this book will propose over and over again to his wife and make babies...
This book was completely awesome! Cannot wait to read the sequel!
This was a good book. Anxious to read the 2nd bookin the series.
The cover is a bit awful but the story is kinda interesting.
Wow! Absolutely amazing.~Michelle Izmaylov
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