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Love At First Bite (2013)

by Scarlett Jade(Favorite Author)
3.7 of 5 Votes: 1
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review 1: 'Love at First Bite' is full of some romance, hot and steamy sex and a mystery that Sasha bravely unravels. I loved the storyline. The paranormal aspect is not your typical story. Fast paced and great characters are what makes this a great read. I loved Sasha's character. She is definitely feisty and has a great humorous personality. I look forward to reading Book 2. A great add to your tbr list. Recommended read.
review 2: shockingly short!Jeremy is a half breed, part werewolf part vampire. he has a heightened sense of smell and hearing, but only gets the blood lust on the full moon. He retreats to the woods at this time to slate that lust. He NEVER bites humans.Sasha's car breaks down, in the middle of the afternoon, in blazing heat. she sets off and ends up
... moreon Jeremy's doorstep, bleeding, in the middle of the full moon.a fairly predictable tale, not ever so taxing on the brain. Like I said, far too short, I refuse to pay £1.32 for 68 and 96 pages for part 2 and 3. my cover picture is different to this one. less
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Not the best I've read but good still.
I liked it and it was free.
Wonderful quick read!!
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