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Twinmaker (2013)

by Sean Williams(Favorite Author)
3.39 of 5 Votes: 5
0062203215 (ISBN13: 9780062203212)
Balzer + Bray
review 1: I liked this book. It was a cool idea. But as another review said so fittingly: it was all action and no suspense. They were always running, fighting, planning, more running, getting ambushed, more fighting. I think the concept of d-mat was a part of why it felt that way--they could go all over the planet in the blink of an eye. I also disliked the main character and all her friends except Jesse. Turner and Q were definitely the most intriguing but weren't developed as much as I would've liked (especially Turner). Also, I feel like the whole Libby thing was written really poorly. She was Claire's drive throughout the entire book and then she's just gone. Lame. The scientific explanations got a little crazy and I kind of stopped following them after a while. All in all, it ... morewas an interesting concept but the plot and characters weren't written well.
review 2: Grabbed this in a humble book bundle, didn't realise that it was YA *topia until starting it. Though is started as rather typical cookie cutter fare of its genre it fairly quickly branches out into quite a lot of action/adventure and character development. It might end up being harder on the science and violence than its target audience may prefer, but it was right up my alley. It's obviously for a teen audience but it manages to be relatable without dumbing anything down too much or over explaining. Even when I was in the age range of this target audience I appreciated books that didn't assume I'm dumb and I'm glad to see an author who apparently agrees. less
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It lost me halfway through. Had potential but not interested in finishing out series.
very fun read with many interesting ideas. looking forward to the next book
This was good. Confusing but interesting premise.
Really good, almost cyberpunk.
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