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Held Against You (2000)

by Season Vining(Favorite Author)
2.5 of 5 Votes: 2
1250048796 (ISBN13: 9781250048790)
review 1: Held Against You by Season Vining held my interest for the first half of the story. There was suspense, mystery, chemistry, romance and lots of cat and mouse chasing. I liked the characters enough together that I thought they had a good chance of a sizzling romance. Kat was spunky and she was a good fit for the bounty hunter. They both had attitudes and could bicker back and forth with each other yet sweet talk the next. What I didn't like however, was the way the relationship and romance progressed after about half way through the book.The details and the reason why Kat is on the run wasn't what you would expect. Not that it would be a deal breaker in disliking the story, the out come with the bounty hunter is what flopped for me. Would a bounty hunter really do that... more? Would he just change everything in such a quick few days? To me, it wasn't sitting well with me as a reader because it was an easy way out for a 'happily ever after'. There are still unanswered questions for me because it wasn't really resolved. It was assumed it was a HEA, but there was no real closure or punishment for the crime. I really think the story needs some fine tuning for the last half of the story. Too many loop holes can ruin any story, but unbelievable outcomes can also bring characters to an end just as fast."Would you hurry up? I'm exhausted," he growls."Aww. Poor widdle kidnapper is tiwerd.""I'm not a kidnapper. I'm a fugitive recovery agent.""You say po-tay-toe."
review 2: Sexy cover and a sexy story to match. If you have been looking for a New Adult novel to spice up your reading list, this is a great choice. The characters certainly have no lack of chemistry and the plot is a twisting, turning ride full of the unexpected. The main characters in this book both have attitudes and the arguments they get into are hilarious. I liked that the author was able to incorporate a serious story line into this book and yet keep the excitement of the romance going at the same time. There were no lulls or boring spots in this book. This is a quick read that won't take much more than an afternoon to finish, but the characters will stay with you even once you have finished. This book is sassy, clever and well written and deserves a read. Recommended. This review is based on a complimentary copy from the publisher and provided through Netgalley. All opinions are my own. less
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The writing style and character interaction wasn't for me. I won't be giving this one another try.
There was such a lack of connection between the two. The scenes were also not believable. Boo!
this was entertaining without being very engrossing. I liked Kat.
3.5 stars
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