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Pardon My President (2008)

by Seth Grahame-Smith(Favorite Author)
3.86 of 5 Votes: 4
1594742871 (ISBN13: 9781594742873)
Quirk Books
review 1: I actually dislike Seth Grahame-Smith's writing. I think the plots in his stories are regularly quite immature. Who writes a book about our nation's 16th president being a vampire hunter? Who puts zombies in 'Pride & Prejudice'? Really? But, it was an interesting coincidence when, around halfway through this quick-read, witty piece of political commentary, I actually found out it was written by the same guy.Overall, I'd say that the first half contains some of the funniest political commentary I've ever read/seen. Highlights of it include the apologies to: Target, Teachers, James Buchanan, African Americans, and the English language. In fact, practically every other apology within the first 80 or so pages should make even a Republican laugh. Don't get me wrong, the second ... morehalf still has some highlights, like apologies to: The Buck, Pretzels, the word "Accomplished", Southerners, and the Custodial Staff. However, I just felt like while the satire was mostly there, it wasn't necessarily as humorous as the first half.Either way, the greatest ones in here are a pure example of political satire at its best: bluntly laugh-out-loud hilarious, yet also horrifying for reminding the reader that a guy who did (or didn't do) all this stuff was actually our president for eight whole years. I'd rate the first half a solid five, and the second half a three; that averages to a four-star rating.
review 2: So I read this book today, and let me amend my comment from yesterday--these letters of apology are not ostensibly by Bush, but by the author who has graciously taken it upon himself to apologize to a long list of people and things on behalf of George Bush because the moron obviously doesn't have it in him to do the right thing and issue these apologies himself.Highlights? Apologies to the word "Accomplished," Max Cleland and Michael Moore...And who comes out smelling like a big bunch of roses? Well it's James Buchanan, who now can take posthumous relief at being the second worst president in U.S. history.This book is better written than you might imagine, and it somehow managed to be laugh-outloud funny while at the same time making my stomach hurt from the odd mixture of rage and frustration it elicited. less
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Hysterical, while at the same time unbelievably horrifying.
Fantastic premise. Fantastically executed.
pure entertainment!
Really funny.
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