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The Summer My Life Began (2012)

by Shannon Greenland(Favorite Author)
3.72 of 5 Votes: 4
014241347X (ISBN13: 9780142413470)
review 1: So I start reading "The Summer My Life Began" & within 2 pages I’m stoked – the main character, Em, is heading to the Outer Banks – where I live! ”It’s fate!” I think, but when she finally gets to my corner of the world, it’s nothing like how the Outer Banks actually is. I decide I can get over the fact that the airport/rolling hills description is totally inaccurate so long as I like the characters and the plot stays interesting. But things took a turn for the worse, in terms of the dialogue being very dry, the descriptions TOLD but not SHOWED the surroundings and people & the story was very predictable. It was disappointing how lacking this book was, because there was so much potential – independence, young love, discovering your passion, the beach…... more it all came up short for me. The only positive twist I can give this novel is that it’s set in the Outer Banks (even if it sounds more Bermuda, than Ocracoke, or wherever it’s supposed to be… I wonder if Greenland just picked this off a map and maybe has never actually been…). It's worth your time if you want a beachy, YA romance that you can read in an afternoon without much commitment, but don't except Sarah Dessen quality.
review 2: This was such a good book!!! It was cute, sweet, romantic, and a fresh summer read. When I saw this book on Goodreads, I thought it looked interesting. Then when I saw it at the library, I thought a nice summer book would be great to read in the cold now. I was glad that I did. I loved it!!! There was no part that I didn't like. I loved the plot and things happened that I never expected it to happen. There was such a plot twist that it surprised me greatly. But I was glad everything turned out all right. The characters were good too. I loved Em because she was like me, she wanted advenutre and to find a great summer romance. She ended up doing it and uncovering some family secrets in the process too. Plus she was really funny and got along with everyone. I loved Cade!!! He was perfect and just right for Em. The connection between them was great too and through the whole book I was rooting for them. The ending was good and I was glad that Em got her family together and things were getting better. Slowly, but eventually they would all accept each other. So all in all, this was a great summer read and I look forward to other books by this author. Enjoy!!!!! less
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Loss of one star for slight implausibility otherwise awesome. Really easy to read
the book was really good but i expected more........:P
Quick, beachy read. Nice.
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