The two cavemen

During the holidays, we had a surprise visit from my nephews. We all didn’t expect them going to our place, as their mom and their dad were not in good terms *chika minute*. But they miraculously came, fortunately greeted us, and they even stayed for N hours that day.

Flashback two or a day before the untold visit, I bought this little white board for when we need to leave some notes to each other as if the house is too big or in case someone goes out, and needs to leave a message. We do that a lot, actually, but with some scratch papers or memo notes or post-its they see from my things (and I really hate them grabbing my things so I bought the board).

Going back to the day of the visit, these kids erased my notes for my mom (groceries) and drew some cavemen drawings. To be fair, they drew better than I did that age (yep, not yet an artist). These cute little drawings reminded me of Jules’ drawings, and how Austin compared them to cavemen’s. Definitely worth the time comparing.

It’s just now that I appreciated kids’ drawings, and excited to see my kids’ drawings as well. And it’s just now that I got the meaning of my nephews’ drawings. Learnings~

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