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Becoming Miss Becky (2009)

by Shannon Stacey(Favorite Author)
3.59 of 5 Votes: 3
1605043141 (ISBN13: 9781605043142)
Samhain Publishing
Gardiner, Texas
review 1: I read and enjoyed the Kowalski books by Shannon Stacey, so when I discovered that she had written historicals, I decided to buy one of them. It took awhile before I read it, but in the end I am glad I did. This was an fun read. It was fascinating to follow Adam's and Becky's relationship. From the start, when she is a bland mouse, through her determination to rule her own life, to their HEA. I loved the characters. Becky might look like a mouse, but she have a lot of courage. Both when it comes to travelling alone all the way to Texas, and the way she refused to give in. I admired the way she refused to let anyone decide how she should dress and behave. It made sense. She had blended in all her life, and now she didn't have to. And then there is the fact that she... more is living in a whorehouse. Even if she isn't a whore.And Adam. He was a fascinating mix of stubbornness, jealousy and honor. He was ruthless when it comes to keep order in town. And keeping order was a part of the plot. Since Becky's arrival split the town in two. Some liked her, some didn't. All this took place in the town of Gardiner ( the name made me giggle, since it mean curtains in Swedish). The setting felt realistic, from the biblethumping characters ( some of them) to the Mercantile and the horsetrough. I could sometimes smell the horses, and the dust in the air.So what I didn't like. Sometimes, it felt... shallow. I don't expect to read a philosophic essay when I open an e-book, but I do expect to feel some sort of connection to the characters. Yes, I enjoyed the book, the banter, the setting. But I didn't feel a tug at my heart. Still, it was a fun read, and what I needed right now.
review 2: An enjoyable book, but not as good as Taming Eliza. I loved Adam and his edgy, obnoxious ways. He’s found his match in Rebecca, a plain Jane who’s been suppressed way to long, and now she’s ready to let loose. Lots of funny moments and snappy dialogue, but I did not feel the passion between them as much as I did with Will and Eliza. Oh they had some moments, but it leaped off the pages in first book. It was great to revisit with the townsfolk of Gardiner, still griping at each other, with the whorehouse as the focal point of their disagreements. Another issue for me was that the book just ended. Not all books warrant an epilogue, but this one did. I hope Ms. Stacey gives up a chance to go back to Gardiner, Texas, because I would love to visit these quirky characters again. less
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Another "it's not you, it's me". Didn't find the characters worth reading about.
Quick, enjoyable read with GREAT characters.
loved this series
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