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Miss Carter's War (2014)

by Sheila Hancock(Favorite Author)
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1408829177 (ISBN13: 9781408829172)
review 1: This book could have been more aptly titled: A (very) long (and boring) ride on a high horse. Depressing and futile are two adjectives that come to mind to describe this book. The protagonist, Miss Carter, lurches from one crusade to the next with an air of self-righteousness that would make a saint look selfish but somehow her railings against the system are to a moderate extent ineffectual and she always seems to miss the mark. By the end of the book you really do wonder why did I bother? I think the same thought occurred to the author, as she throws the reader a bone right at the end and tries to tie a ribbon on the ending but I'm afraid you can't make a silk purse out of a sows ear. This could have been so much better.
review 2: I won this book as a Fi
... morerst Reads Giveaway.The story is set in England, after the Second World war and it presents the life of one woman, Marguerite Carter, from the late 1940's to the 1990's. The writer presents the evolving social economics of Britain following the Second World War through the eyes of a secondary school English teacher, of French-English origins. Marguerite is one of the first women in England to receive a degree from Cambridge University; she has worked as a spy behind enemy lines in France, trying to help defeat the Nazis and lost all her family in the war. She is a strong-minded, independent and ambitious woman who wants to change the world though her teaching. Her first post as a teacher is in an all girl’s grammar school where she meets Tony, a PE teacher, who becomes her closes and most faithful friend. All the other characters are well build and likable. I have empathised with Marguerite and I found her dedication as a teacher endearing. At times she seemed rather naïve and stubborn, but not enough to alter my perception of her character. Overall a good read which I would recommend to others less
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Excellent read- the education part about Risinghill and the beliefs of Marguerite were so evocative.
This book was not at all what i expected from the description, but it was wonderful all the same.
I enjoyed this but think it would have been better if condensed more too much going on.
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