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Quand J'étais Jane Eyre (2012)

by Sheila Kohler(Favorite Author)
3.23 of 5 Votes: 1
2710367548 (ISBN13: 9782710367543)
La Table Ronde
review 1: I did not enjoy this book.I tried really hard to get through this book, but in the end it defeated me.This was another of those books that talk way too much about feelings, thoughts and emotions. It constantly jumped from the present to the past and once again, I felt like I was trudging through mud trying to get through it. I got so far and decided it made me feel as though I was becoming quite negative, so gave up on reading this before the end.
review 2: Very interesting, as a big fan of Jane Eyre. I think Kohler did a lovely job of weaving reality and fantasy, and of recreating the ornate, delicate feel of Bronte's writing. My big problem was with the perspective. The story is told via an omniscient narrator, which allows Kohler to focus on first one sister
... more and then another (although, as the title suggests, her main interest is Charlotte). The problem is that this flattens everything out, just allows you to skim along. It's kind of like highway hypnosis, and it makes it difficult to keep track of which sister we're focusing on now. I would have preferred three distinct narrators.I also found the end far too rushed. If you spend chapters and chapters on the father's illness, you can devote more than five paragraphs to Charlotte's courtship, wedding and marriage.If you love the Bronte's, read it. Otherwise, it may not hold your interest. less
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I am listening to the audio version, so far for my first audio book I am enjoying it.
3,5/5. Parce qu'il m'a donné envie de relire Jane Eyre.
It is a rather diluted biography of Charlotte Bronte.
3.5 stars
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