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Bikini Season (2008)

by Sheila Roberts(Favorite Author)
3.42 of 5 Votes: 4
0312370806 (ISBN13: 9780312370800)
St. Martin's Griffin
review 1: I only read this book because it was lent to me by a family member. It was okay as far as books go. Nothing world-changing or impactful. The characters were cute, but I found the married couples were *ahem* very much in love- if you catch my drift. This made me slightly uncomfortable. The main romance I found a tad rushed and very cliche. Overall, not something I would recommend or read again, but not the worst book I have ever read.
review 2: this was a cute book, a group of friends all needed to lose weight and got together and made a club to help each otherone thought her husband was having a affair, but he was just planning a surprise party for her b day and anniversary trip to italyone worked as a lawyer , then opened up her own firm and the man she though
... moret was mean from the old firm kissed herone was married and both her and her husband went on the dietthe main girl was getting married to a dr, but on her wedding day decided she better not marry him and instead married her brothers childhood buddy at the last minute and lived happily ever after less
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Everybody is somebody no matter what size you are. Its never to late to change!
Chick lit, completely predictable, probably make a movie out of it.
Very easy read with a predictable ending.
Fun characters we can all relate to!!!!!
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