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Secret Daughter (2010)

by Shilpi Somaya Gowda(Favorite Author)
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0061922315 (ISBN13: 9780061922312)
William Morrow
review 1: I was curious until the final page over whether or not the ending would see the characters through to a serendipitous and fairy tale ending. I was very happy however to find that at the end of this book, all loose ends were tied and yet remained realistic and true to life… and somehow, still magical. I think what I learned about writing, from reading Gowda's work, was that you can keep the momentum of a story going and well paced by omitting unnecessary detail. There were many jumps in time, vignettes, and moments of suggested action that made this story feel easy to read and take in.
review 2: A very grasping read, really touched my heart in some parts where Kavita expresses her grief of losing a child just because she was a girl. A real eye-opener about ho
... morew people still consider girls to be a burden on their parents.The author provides a sense of realization to those who have neglected their mothers efforts of providing the best for them as their daughters, which is great! The end could be more elaborate, as I still feel the story should go somewhere and not conclude so abruptly.All in all a good story, with characters that leave a mark in your heart. less
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This book drew me in from the first page. It was well written and touching.
Excellent! I loved that it included a glossary explaining the Indian words.
Bonus Book ~ January 2015
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