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Dívka, Která Spadla Z Nebe (2012)

by Simon Mawer(Favorite Author)
3.56 of 5 Votes: 3
Kniha Zlín
review 1: The story COULD have been so great. I think this book had such great potential, but it just fell flat. I was sorely disappointed with the lack of detail ("we learned about assault weapons today") and I felt like I could never connect with the main character and all the rest of the supporting characters felt so shallow to me. I couldn't even finish- although I got quite a ways through it. Maybe I gave up too soon, but I couldn't do it.
review 2: This book tells the story of Marion Sutro, who is recruited and trained to be a spy for the French Section of the Special Operations during WWII. She is sent to France to carry out her mission. The book is filled with suspense, espionage, love interests, and an infatuation from her youth. The ending comes at an un
... morefortunate time in the story. You will wish for more to come so you can find out Marion's fate. less
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Interesting story more about self-discovery and courage than spying. I really enjoyed it.
3 1/2 stars. Pretty good, but not in "great" territory for me.
Good historical fiction. Suspenseful.
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