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Orders From Berlin (2012)

by Simon Tolkien(Favorite Author)
3.49 of 5 Votes: 3
0312632142 (ISBN13: 9780312632144)
Minotaur Books
Inspector Trave
review 1: It's London during the Blitz and a mole has infiltrated M16, the British counter intelligence agency. When a murder occurs Scotland Yard enters the picture. The two plot lines come together, and while you know who the "bad guy" is from early in the book and you know he's not going to succeed in his plot to asasinate Churchill, it's still exciting to follow the twists and turns that the characters follow leading up to exciting climax in Churchill's office. Recommended to all WWII fans,
review 2: This was a good book once you got past the first 150 pages. If the reader hangs in there it is worth it! You follow four main characters through the time of war when Hitler had his reign and Churchill was around. They are like chess pieces you can see everything laid o
... moreut before you. The author does an excellent job bringing out the information at the perfect time for you to put the pieces together and know what is going to happen however, this is NOT one of those books where knowing what is going to happen ruins it. You are left sitting at the edge of your seat screaming for the characters to hurry up and praying they will make it in time to save the end of the book. less
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spies in the heart of Churchill and Hitler's inner circles - nice descriptions of the London Blitz
Really well historical written thriller, with three dimensional characters.
another pageturner!
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