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Auf Der Anderen Seite Des Meeres (2011)

by Siobhan Dowd(Favorite Author)
3.51 of 5 Votes: 3
3551581894 (ISBN13: 9783551581891)
review 1: I thought this book was really good as it was a worthwhile read.This book was gripping from start to finish. This book was about a girl named Holly Hogan who was in a children's home where she was cared for and had lots of friends. She was in and out of care a lot but just couldn't seem to find the right the right fit she either got really mean people or people with children, which she hated because they always sided with the children.Holly Hogan knows that she can't stay at the home for much longer as things are starting to go downhill there according to Milk her link worker she must take him up on his offer of going to live with a nice couple Fiona and Ray. She knows that it's the only option she has. Holly hates leaving her friends behind and hates living in her new fos... moreter home.Everything is too exact for her.One day she finds the wig and becomes a different person than the poor Holly.She becomes Solace fearless and beautiful. She decides to run away from her worries and strains to go and see her mother where they can start a new life in Ireland like they've always dreamed of.She hitches a few rides from lorry drivers a motorbike and almost starves to death but when she's Solace nothing is impossible.She travels all across the country in search of a new life.Holly Hogan is nowhere to be found.In the end it's all too much for Holly and she gives up she cannot carry on who knows where she will end up she's Solace of the road.
review 2: Holly and her alter-ego Solace aren't particularly likeable since she wears her defences like her bright blonde wig. She's so broken down that by the end of her runaway journey to travel back to Ireland to find her mam, she's finally able to finally put together all the pieces & realize that she needs a helping hand, and it's probably not going to be the one she thought. S'alright, but didn't completely grab me. less
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Not Siobhan Down’s best but very good. Solace goes on a road trip to discover herself. Teen read
I was captivated by the concept of this book, but sadly the writing style just wasn't for me.
Beautifully written, good quick read xxo
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