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Jasmine Skies (2012)

by Sita Brahmachari(Favorite Author)
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1447205189 (ISBN13: 9781447205180)
MacMillan Children's Books
review 1: This book is a sequel to "Mira in the Present Tense", which I did not know before reading. It does stand alone. Mira travels to India to find visit her family there, whom she has never met in person before (although they do Skype.) In Kolkata, she gets closer to her family, unravels secrets, and discovers things about herself. I think it is open for a sequel (or, at least I wanted to know more about the romantic resolution.)
review 2: It was such good escapism, and was so much better (for me) than Artichoke Hearts because Mira was older and I could connect with her better. Also she was experiencing something I've experienced (admittedly not in the same country but I would love to visit India one day) and I felt like I understood her and just wanted to hug her t
... morehe whole time. Brilliant read, great characters and a flowing plot written in a wonderful style. Just what I needed to freshen my brain from all that revision! less
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I don't think it is as good as Artichoke hearts but still good
This book is amazing I just started it
Great book.
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