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Primeiro Como Tragédia, Depois Como Farsa (2009)

by Slavoj Žižek(Favorite Author)
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review 1: When I was in college, professors would tell us about ideologues who wrote apologetic books about how 'real existing socialism' was not the same as the 'socialism intended by Karl Marx'. I always imagined that reading these accounts would have to be kind of sad, or even funny. This book is funny, but Zizek launches his own theory of the difference of 'real existing socialism' vs 'socialism intended by Zizek', which is truly utopian, is brought about by Benjaminian divine violence, and truly excited me. Also, best combination of title and closing lines ever.
review 2: Zizek is certainly "the most dangerous philosopher in the west," and probably one of the few legitimate heirs of Marx, Hegel, and the Enlightenment. He makes a damn fine Lacanian, too, I imagine.
... moreSometimes it was disappointing how much of his work is "recycled" from this book to, say, "Living in the End Times"; however, it was just as often interesting to see the beginning kernels of those thoughts. Highly recommended for anyone interested in political or cultural theory. less
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Wow! One will see Zizek as extremely enlightening, or extremely dangerous. Enjoyed this.
the portions that I understood were eye-opening; very enjoyable read
Interesting dissection of the current malaise of Capitalism.
Deserves all the hype and more
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