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Puhdistus - Näytelmäversio (2007)

by Sofi Oksanen(Favorite Author)
3.73 of 5 Votes: 1
9510319899 (ISBN13: 9789510319895)
Söderström (Helsinki)
review 1: Moderately ompelling novel about Estonia's dreadful history, but underwhelming ultimately especially after all the hype. I think something definitely was lost in translation. While I was interested in the trajectory of the story, I cared nothing for the one-dimensional characters. Or the plot device in which a load of information necessary to understand motivations is unloaded in dossier form in the last 10 pages of the book.
review 2: Wow! So, Estonia has gotten it from all sides since forever. Oksanen focuses on the obscenities that have occured in Estonia since WWII. Nazis, Communists, Fascists, Mafiosos have left their indelible heelmarks across Estonia's back as her people were frightened and killed and shamed over the decades. Oksanen spends a lot of time
... more on shame. Shame for choices people make, shame in survival, shame in what people are forced to do.Sounds like a fun read so far, doesn't it? But Purge manages to combine this ruthless history with two breathless and immediate stories, spanning sixty years. Fifty pages would pass in a blur because I was glued to the book and didn't notice. Purge is a riveting, intelligent read. I look forward to more from this young Finnish author. less
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An amazing book. Very gripping story, set in Estonia and with a very strong female perpective.
recommendation from mom - said it's quite dark, but very well done - mom enjoyed it.
Reading this in English translation, Purge. About Estonia during Soviet times.
Very different from anything I've read lately. Dark.
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