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Embrace (2012)

by Stacey Rourke(Favorite Author)
4.54 of 5 Votes: 4
0985266341 (ISBN13: 9780985266349)
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review 1: I just want to say Stacey Rourke wrote an excellent and exciting book.I was on my seat reading this I couldn't put it down! I really liked Celeste and her brother and sister. Celected was the Chosen One and her brother and sister were made to be her sword and shield. She had been chosen to fight demons and The Dark Army. She fumbles through because she is new and still manages to do a good job of getting rid of the demons. She meets Caleb and finds out he is a demon but she is attracted to him and thinks she can save him. In the end will she have love and be able to defeat the Dark Army?
review 2: Absolutely fantastic sequel to The Conduit! I was impressed with the story line in previous book but this instalment has just raised the game. Although this series i
... mores primarily aimed at a teenage audience I am really enjoying it and I haven't been a teenager for some years! The heroine Celeste is still coming to terms with her abilities in this book although both her siblings seem to have adjusted to their 'superpowers' more easily. Charged with protecting the world from demons this cool and funny trio still have time to be teenagers and I love the way the author has written their dialogue. Their banter is hilarious and the situations they find themselves in are just too funny for words. The demons they face are unbelievably gross and just a tad pathetic at times . The siblings don't always come away unscathed from their frequent encounters and that sense of danger adds to the story .In this tale Celeste meets two very sexy young men and one in particular Caleb most definitely turns her head! Hot sexy guy alert! I think this is for me what raised this book from a good teen read to a really good read. Ms. Rourke has written a very creditable romance that bursts with passion and interest. Nothing is quite what it seems and new characters are not at all what they seem. This is a fast and fun book to read. I found it almost impossible to put down and will most certainly be reading the next in this amazing fantasy seriesI received a free copy of this in exchange for an honest reviewA big 5 from me less
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Even better than book 1! Can't wait for the next volume!
5/5 angel stars Review to follow
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