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Secret Of The White Rose (2011)

by Stefanie Pintoff(Favorite Author)
3.85 of 5 Votes: 4
0312583974 (ISBN13: 9780312583972)
Minotaur Books
Simon Ziele
review 1: After reading the first in this series I felt the author had potential but I was unsure if it would be realized. In this book she has me hooked. It was well-paced and well-written. The characters are still endearing and yet show their flaws. The plot was intriguing and the criminal was not apparent as in the first Ziele novel. Pintoff did a much better job of making you feel as though you were in 1906 New York without beating you over the head with it. Thanks for another fun ride and I look forward to reading the further cases of Simon Ziele.
review 2: I liked the characters, but thought the plot wasn't the finely-machined apparatus I was hoping for. The final whodunit reveal falls flat because the reader hasn't had quite enough information to even almost
... morefigure it out (and you know mystery readers LOVE it when they can almost but not quite solve the puzzle!). And I didn't like the transparency with which the author tried to educate me in interesting facts about New York City in the 19-aughts (Did you know that before the New York Times moved there, it was called Longacre Square?). Maybe I will give Stefanie Pintoff another chance and read her book that won the Edgar Award. less
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Excellent historical novel. This is the third in the series and they are all excellent.
Another good historical fiction read. The ending sets the story up for a 4th book.
Easy peasy quick and clean turn of the century who done it.
Another winner. Am loving Pintoff.
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