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Papas Arme Sind Ein Boot (2010)

by Stein Erik Lunde(Favorite Author)
3.85 of 5 Votes: 2
3836953137 (ISBN13: 9783836953139)
review 1: This book is so European. SO SCANDINAVIAN.I really enjoyed this book for numerous reasons. Firstly, the story is haunting and beautiful. I love that this little child still knows safety and security despite dealing with the loss of his mother. I thought the way the topic of death was brought up was well done. The language is fantastic! I wonder though how much was lost in translation?The illustrations are very cool; I enjoyed the mixed media.
review 2: For ‘My Father’s Arms Are a Boat’ I chose to do a text to self connection. I chose this because there are nights when my son can’t fall asleep so he asks me to hold him. I love when he asks me this because I know once he’s older, he won’t want me to hug him while he falls asleep. So I am enjoying all
... moreof it while it lasts. When I hug him and rock him, sometimes I will sing to him. I will pray to him so he can sleep peacefully. Sometimes he asks me questions about many different things in life and I try to answer them to the best of my ability. In the story, the little boy has his dad carrying him around talking to him while he tries to fall asleep. Although, I am not a dad, I still feel that I can relate to this story. less
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Well written story with very interesting illustrations.
subtle, evocative, heart breaking
Beautiful bedtime story!!
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