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Westwood (2011)

by Stella Gibbons(Favorite Author)
3.51 of 5 Votes: 4
009952872X (ISBN13: 9780099528722)
Vintage Classics
review 1: Often reads like a rough draft where an author has indicated lots of places where she's going to come back later and devise a way to "show, not tell," but then never got around to it. Still, somewhere around the halfway point I found myself engaged enough to stick it out. And there are a few funny bits, most of them involving the word "Grandpa," and the glimpse at the lives and times is a nice bonus.
review 2: Lynne Truss, in her introduction to these recently re-issued novels, said what I'd always thought, too - that Stella Gibbons had written one book and that was Cold Comfort Farm. I'd figured that if you'd written such a pearler, why write another? But Lynne did a bit of digging and found that Stella Gibbons was no Harper Lee, and had actually written twe
... morenty-five novels, three volumes of short-stories, and four volumes of poetry. Westwood is an astute portrayal of characters who, bar a couple, aren't terribly appealing. Gibbons' observations of a whole gamut of human foibles often made me wince. There is humour, but it is subtle and dry (like many of the characters). Westwood is a very good novel indeed - but if you're looking for an uplifting, feel good experience, I'd suggest picking up A Room with a View instead. less
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Floral, tedious and longer than it needed be. Readable so 2 stars, but otherwise unexciting.
Funny and worth the read - a time gone and a comedy of manners evoked in great prose.
Not my favorite. Like Nightingale Wood and Cold Comfort Farm more.
quite painfully observant at times
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