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A Very Naughty Xmas (2012)

by Stephanie Julian(Favorite Author)
3.95 of 5 Votes: 2
Vulpine Press
review 1: I only picked this book up because it had Cherrie Lynn's Light Me Up in it but was I ever surprised at what I would find inside. Light Me Up was GGGgggrrrrreeeaaattttttt. However I decided now that I had the book I should give the others a go. WOW Im glad I did, Olivia Cunning I so need one night of Sole Regret or with Sole Regret, I will forever be TIED to this one and am hot on the tail of that tour bus. I also now have 3 more great authors to add to my up and coming collection of reads, Cari Quinn you rocked my socks off. Stephanie Julian OMG........... and Raven Morris Love this one now for another.
review 2: Ok bought this mainly for the Cherrie Lynn story which continue Brian's story (sigh). Another great story by this author (still in awe of Brian's
... morepiercing lol). So the 4 stars is for that one and the story by Stephanie Julian. I read part of the one by Raven ? but stopped since it started to get into switching partners. Up until then it was pretty good but while menage is ok when we get into multiple swaps I don't care for it (ie the wife and the husband both get another partner). This seems to be a trend right now but I don't care for it.I skipped the Olivia Cunning one due to not liking the rock band theme and didn't care for her writing in the first book in series which was a did not finish for me.The story by Stephanie Julian was soooo hot and I loved Eric, Keegan, and Jules. I think there needed to be more background on Jules but I think Eric and Keegan were detailed enough but I would like to know more about the accident. So can't wait to see if there will be more about them! less
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I don't like threesome stories. Huffft...So this one is not for me :'(
The stories had too little storyline for me. I like some plot.
Oh wow... Umm hello Sole Regret.
Sole Regret orgy. Nuff said.
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