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Miles Of Pleasure (2000)

by Stephanie Nicole(Favorite Author)
3.5 of 5 Votes: 2
review 1: The best part of this book? THE END. Oh and the little swirly chapter dividers. Seriously, there was no character development, I have no idea in my head what any if them looked like - no picture whatsoever. The writing was like that of a child, the story was just ridiculous and there were too many spelling mistakes to count. I mean, the two main characters Ashton & Kaylee hated each other but spooned each other every night?! Really?! It kept flicking from one persons POV to another and was told from every bodies at one point or other. Ive read a review that said it was rereleased under a different author name with character/band names being changed but I came across a few bits that must've been over looked as the band name changed at one point only to change back again in ... morethe next paragraph!! I'm so glad this was free because if I'd have paid for this I would be WELL pissed off! I don't usually leave bad reviews and I don't really have that high a standard, all I was in a book is a few hours of escapism, it can be far fetched and silly as long as it makes me smile and is easy to read. But this, I honestly cannot stress enough just how poor it was. Every single thing about this book is so bad that if I could give it minus stars I would. Don't waste your time, go watch some paint drying or done grass growing. It will be better time spent :(
review 2: I'm having to stop and think about this one, it wasn't that it wasn't good or that it lacked in any way ingenuity. I liked that some fresh ideas in the rock romance grouping were to be found here and not just the same cliches all though a few of those were there to. But hey those are what make rock romances so great to read. Yet even with this it just didn't't get there for me. From page one it kinda felt like I was reading about immature teenagers and not people in there twenties. Also I could never really clearly see these characters in my head, I was left with kind of a blank as to any real description. I do understand the rule that less is more when writing in order to allow a reader imagination to see for itself but i wasn't even given the basics like build, hair color or eye color. So this combined with the way they read for me I ended up picturing a group of young teenagers cause that's how they sounded and acted. It was decent enough read but I doubt I'd ever read it again. Too bad cause rock star romances are my absolute favourite books to get caught up in time and time again. less
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So horrible....can't even bring myself to finish reading.
It definitely kept me on my toes! I loved it.
4*(4) (230pgs)
Great read!
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