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Das Fest Der Schlangen (2013)

by Stephen Dobyns(Favorite Author)
3.55 of 5 Votes: 2
C. Bertelsmann Verlag
review 1: I am always leery of books that are highly praised by Stephen King. I usually very much enjoy Stephen King books, but until this book, I have never liked a book he heaped high praise on. The Burn Palace is not like most books, in that it doesn't fit into one genre, or category. It is darkly funny, often times disturbing, it blends mystery with horror, and touches on philosophy and religion. From the first chapter the reader is given loads of detail about the town of Brewster where the story takes place, so much detail that you often times feel as though you are observing the events in the book as they take place. The book has lots of death, crazed wolves, crazy townsfolk, and some less than healthy relationship issues. That being said it was a very enjoyable book to ... moreread.
review 2: Every so often there are certain books that due to plot alone will draw you in & keep you there no matter what. Stephen Dobyns' "The Burn Palace" is one of those books. It starts when Nurse Spandex (aka Alice Alessio) in the Brewster, RI hospital nursery finds a snake in place of a baby & goes from there across multiple murders, scalpings, & unexplainable events that plague this relatively peaceful town. Each event draws us further into the mystery of what is going on in this town & as each character is introduced from various doctors, policemen, detectives & local townsfolk the plot continues to thicken & expand in detail. Thrown in a mix of Satanism & Wiccan belief systems & the story grabs onto you & holds you with suspense up until the very end. Dobyns' book is written in a way that allows we the reader to follow the various plot threads & their intertwining parts well enough without confusion. The characters are very believable & Brewster could be any small town in America. The acts of violence whether supernatural or otherwise are really never described in any graphic fashion so as not to turn this into a horror novel but to keep this along the line of a murder mystery/suspense novel. The title Burn Palace location which references a local crematorium also plays a rather unique role in the book as the idea of harvesting body parts for profit comes into play as well. Overall a well written book that will keep you guessing up until the very end. less
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Superior thriller, aomospheric, complex and great characters
This was a fun mystery/thriller - good writing/characters.
Great. I didn't see "the twist".
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