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Ten Billion (2013)

by Stephen Emmott(Favorite Author)
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review 1: After reading the book "Ten Billion", the question: Can we still turn things around? has been repeatedly asked in my head. I agree with the author that there are many behavioral changes we as humans must make to help slow down the process of earth doom. He also then effectively points out that these are changes that would not be made because of human selfishness. I strongly agree with most of the points he stated in this book. I believe this is a very influential book, also full of great use to rhetorical techniques. Furthermore, with the facts, graphs, and statistics the book highlighted, it made me realize that we must make at least some changes, maybe big changes are hard to accomplish, but if we each contribute a little change, that might lead to a longer and maybe eve... moren better future.
review 2: An angry polemic, a rhetorical rant; no clear conclusions beyond "we're f***ed" (direct quote), no attribution for the quote his book ends on, no reasoning behind his dismissal of proposed solutions, no examination of how we can change some of the things he rants about, no cohesion.This is at a level of a GCSE student giving a presentation - even then, not a very good GCSE student. For example, he claims that desalination of sea water to produce drinking water is "too expensive" then moves on. Too expensive by what criteria? How much does it cost and how much does it cost to fight over drinking water? He states our aquifers are emptying faster than they can be refilled, then states that desalination is "too expensive" without even trying to compare it to the cost of our aquifers running dry.This isn't a book, it's an angry drunken rant printed with often one or two sentences per page.A waste of his time and ours. less
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can't rate this as i am very skeptical of the data used in this book.
Anlam veremedim.
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