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Religions Of The East: Paths To Enlightenment (The Modern Scholar) (2005)

by Stephen R. Prothero(Favorite Author)
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1419358693 (ISBN13: 9781419358692)
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review 1: I fairly regularly listen to lectures on religion and literature, and this was less engrossing to me than most. I'm not sure if it was less so because of the format of the lecture (somewhat repetitive) or the content of the coverage (not that deep and too focused on American forms) or the lecturer's style. If I had to tell you a new insight I took away from this …I'd be hard pressed. I feel like I could have read a handful of pages from an encyclopedia and come out just as enlightened.
review 2: This was a good survey of eastern religions starting with the Vedas to Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism - Theravadan (s. East Asia), Buddhism in Japan and China, then ending with Confucism. Of course with a survey format there is some broadbrushing of concepts, but not to
... moreo bad, I especially enjoyed the tradition I didn't know about which was Sikhism. He also asked the same questions and fit each into different categories, e.g. layperson vs monastic based etc. and always talked about how each one unfolded in America. less
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clear and interesting, didnot realize how much of this is rooted in the vedas
This is one of the only college textbooks I'll refer to again and again.
OK basic book on eastern religions, but hardly scratches the surface.
Very well written. Easy to read. Very informative.
interesting :)
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