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Koban (2012)

by Stephen W. Bennett(Favorite Author)
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Stephen W Bennett
Koban Series
review 1: I find it interesting that in a story set in a matriarchal world, the leader is a male. In fact, all of the female leaders are shown to be incompetent, selfish or conservatively inclined when the human race cannot afford it. And the people who are rising up as the competent leaders in this book and the start of the second: male. I am not sure if I think Bennett is a sexist jerk. Because plenty of males are shown to be incompetent/blinded by self and there are some strong female characters who do their jobs well and bravely. I this just a very rah rah male fight book with a matriarchal society in the background?I strongly dislike Bennett's pushing that now that the human race is at war again, males will start taking over again. On the one hand, it's basically saying when wo... moremen are in charge, things get peaceful. On the other hand, it's saying when things get tough, men should be in charge. Both are horrible things to say. Furthermore, the aliens are so fast and strong that it's pretty much stated that humans have to use trickery and long-distance weapons. Therefore, there is no reason why men would be better at making war on the aliens than women.And then you get things like a woman dying because she wore heels while evacuating from the ship. Mind you, she was making the tough choice between very bad terrain for her feet and heels, but she could have broken off the heel or found a different pair of shoes or wrapped her feel in smart cloth. Then another woman gets her whole team killed because she freaked over a snake. So the women die helplessly (without making a kill or serious damage), often for stupid reasons, but some of the men get to die bravely while proactively doing things.I don't know. I don't know. Bennett, what are you trying to say? Are you even aware you are saying something?And yet I am enjoying this book and want to see where it goes. Despite this whole confusing-seeming anti-female thing and an audiobook reader who, I swear, is reading the book like a textbook except when it comes to dialogue and then he mixes up the voices for who is talking and, and, he's just not professional-grade yet. *head desk*Maybe I will go through all the Kate Daniels books after this series. Beautiful, beautiful Kate Daniels books...
review 2: Koban was a novel that I enjoyed for a weekend read. I could follow along with how the various cultures came about and found the plot moved along reasonably well. I will say that I found he Krall a little bit over done. I would think that in general their whole best predator mindset would have taken a bit of a beating somewhere in the whole 25,000 years of their conquests. If they really are that technologically stupid then why have their slave classes haven't successfully staged some kind of revolt (or sabotage of their system). I understand the Raspani devolving but the Prada and Torki might have a sub-culture simply waiting for their chance.I look forward to the second book but wonder just how the rest of the human race will fare against the Krall if the effect of the gene-war is as complete as was implied. I think in general that it can't be for any number of reasons and expect that we will see a large change in human space soon.In general I'm quite curious about the 2nd planet that was observed in the Kobani system. It was behind the star when the Fancies arrived, was it visible to the other new arrivals? You implied it could be class M, I would think it could be reachable if they fix some of their ships. You mentioned the need for a control group that could interbreed with the Kobani what better way to separate them then putting them on a 2nd planet.I am a bit surprised that no other civilizations (while not being aggressive) were technologically advanced and defensive enough that the Krall wouldn't find them almost impossible to conquer.Can't wait for the next book (I fell I picked this up at a good time since your discussion says it should be out before valentines day.gallandro less
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Long audiobook and fascinating sci-fi story. Recommended.
Great story line and the world building is Amazing!
Very good book simply!
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