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Como Arruinar Tu Vida Antes De Los 40 (2009)

by Steve Farrar(Favorite Author)
4.15 of 5 Votes: 2
0012261564 (ISBN13: 2940012261564)
Editorial Mundo Hispano
review 1: Why I read it: The title peaked my interest as the book came up as a suggested book on amazon. Recently, I had been reading a good bit of the biblical books of proverbs and Ecclesiastes and this book seemed to fit in with this season. (And I need all the help I can get!)What I liked about it:Topics like the desparate need to sit yourself down and answer the question of God's purpose for your life; the importance of guarding your affections and ways to do that; having the goal of finishing strong and persevering; the reality of cause and effect and each decision has it's own ramifications good and/or bad; not neglecting the specific interests/passions/gifts God has given you; to never consider divorce an option; the counsel to ask yourself the question "what kind of marriag... moree do I want to have and who do I want to be for my future spouse?" before asking "who am I going to marry?". All these and more, sprinkled with many examples of peoples lives, gave me great biblical counsel to dwell on. Why I recommend it:It's a quick read, enjoyable, and lots of good content. Also in a style that is enjoyable.
review 2: I was going to pull this book from the curriculum, but decided to give it a try. While some of the topic are out of range for my 14yo, I think having them in her head will be good as she grows up. Maybe something will stick. 99% of the book I agreed with as a life view, and the parts I didn't I just left little sticky notes inside stating why I disagreed. Very conservative, but I don't think it is bad to read that side of things. less
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heard good review from my partz...can't wait to read it.. i'm next in line
Good book, all about finishing strong. It's a marathon not a sprint.
this answers so many questions about midlife crisis
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