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The Wrap-Up List (2013)

by Steven Arntson(Favorite Author)
3.36 of 5 Votes: 2
0547824106 (ISBN13: 9780547824109)
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review 1: Gabriela's doom descends upon her the day she receives a departure letter, informing her that she has seven days left to live. She is barely 16, and isn't quite ready to go. Nevertheless, she begins working on her Wrap-Up List. Her friend Iris, who knows more than almost anyone about Deaths and the complex processes of departing, wants Gabriela to ask for a Pardon, a chance to go later instead of now. This is a tricky business and must be handled carefully. While the premise of the book is interesting, Arntson crams way too much into such a slim book. Gabriela's gay best friend, her multicultural background, and a cast of characters who seem chosen and named just for their ethinicity, all say "trying too hard." The best character in the book is Hercule, Gabriela's De... moreath. 8th grade and up.
review 2: I wanted to like this book. I liked the plot. The idea of death and a limited number of days to do what you wish before you die. Seems like it would be a cute story right? Even though the book was youth fiction it was written at maybe a fourth grade level at best. Yes the characters were sixteen-seventeen. There was also mention of war and military and what a person's duty was. Not enough though for it to show any maturity at all though. less
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It was oddly futurist, yet set in the present. I felt there was little point to the story.
Loved the way the author keeps you guessing till the end what will happen! Great read
This book totally toyed with my emotions, which I didn't appreciate.
Predictable, very little depth to characters.
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