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Imlay's Cure (2011)

by Stormy Glenn(Favorite Author)
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1610348273 (ISBN13: 9781610348270)
Siren-Bookstrand, Inc.
Lady Blue Crew
review 1: I was looking forward to this story because Livewire kind of hooked me in the previous stories. There was just something about him.Livewire is a little "off", according to the crew. He says strange things, talks to the ship and even sings to her. But no one can dispute that the Lady Blue has never run as well before the mechanic joined their crew.Dr. Imlay Jones is onboard to escort medical supplies being delivered. Imlay doesn't understand the crew and their fascination with sex and lust. Imlay tried it and he didn't like it. It was messy, dirty and he figures he is not missing out on too much! But when Livewire is taken hostage by Elite Forces, Imlay knows he has to rescue the man who has intrigued him in so many ways. Rescuing Livewire is the easy part; healing him will... more be difficult.Imagine my surprise when a big secret of Livewire's is revealed. It was completely unexpected and made the story more interesting. Not only that, but it turns out Imlay has a little secret of his own, adding to the intrigue.The Lady Blue Crew is now on the hunt for the rogue Elite Forces that are setting them up and our guys aren't about to lose this fight!
review 2: An entertaining read that's much darker than the first two releases in the series. The story is well thought-out, Livewire's reactions to what happened to him are expressed well, and his relationship to Imlay is deep and emotional.I loved seeing Livewire come out of the dark hole the brutalization left him in and open himself to his mate. And taking care of and protecting Imlay is just what he needed. I really enjoyed the twist where we got to see his animal come out and play, and I hope to see more of this rare creature in the future.Of course the other crew members are always about and there's a new addition this time, Livewire's cousin Zackary...a computer whiz. And I almost forget Adwaka, who was rescued with him. I can't wait to see what these talented authors have happening next. less
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The most favourite of the series.. I love Imlay!!!
2.5 Stars.
2.5 stars
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